what we offer

Always dedicated and devoted


We have the best builders in the business working on your design and creating a package that we can both be proud of. After all, it is your dream!


Our teams handle all aspects of the process so you don't have to! We anticipate all of the pitfalls and problems and head them off whenever possible.


Our professional painters will take your and the decorator's ideas and give your home the finishing touches that will make you say WOW!


You have a beautiful new home, you need an electric system that matches. Lighting design and install make a home. Our electricians are consummate professionals and will give you the best possible design and installation!


Our professional decorators will help you create your perfect castle. We will use your ideas to help design the touches that will make you proud!


Our fixture wholesalers will help you get exactly what your masterpiece needs! Our professional, fast and cost-effective plumbers will ensure that your masterpiece will last for many years to come.



We'll work with you to sketch your design, and get your ideas captured on paper. We will work every item you wish into the design. This is the single most important part of the process and will create the best possible product based on your wishes!



Once we have your sketches, we will take them and create a flawless design that meets your requirements. We'll tweak this design to create a buildable plan.



We will take final drawings to our engineers to ensure that all plans are safe and meet all local codes. This will ensure that the project comes out of permitting in a timely fashion.



Our teams under the supervision of Modern Log Homes will create your design in a timely fashion and finish it to your exacting specifications!


Always dedicated and devoted